Dean Alle

Based Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR)

An EiR will have

  • Founded/Led startups and commercialisation projects
  • Worked on a large number of diverse innovation opportunities
  • Earned the respect of innovation ecosystems in multiple locations
  • Integrity and Crediblity based on recognised experience & outcomes

What does an EiR do?

  • Practices Entrepreneurial Karma (Gives First)
  • Conducts Independent Opportunity analysis & value creation
  • Resides with Entrepreneurs to provide sounding board & mentoring
  • Guides creation & progression of Investable Opportunities (& Invests)
  • Shares experiences, their own success/failure and others
  • Provides direct/honest feedback, sometimes you don’t want to hear
  • Explains the logic behind their views with references and case studies
  • Disrupts organisations/regions/sectors as a change champion

EiR Dean Alle creates impact by serving in roles such as:

  • Contract EiR and Federal Government EiR around Australia
  • Founder TBH Accelerator aka The Execution Program
  • In-Kind and Cash contribution to innovation/investment projects
  • Commercialisation Pathways Advisor/Agent
  • Serial Startup Founder Entrepreneur
  • Work with founders + Work for equity
  • Co-Founder, multiple startups, CEO, CDO, CIPO, Interim Executive
  • Investor in Startups, Due Diligence and Startup Valuer
  • Founding Chair of Sunshine Coast Angel Investors
  • IP Expert (Patents) – Capture, Document, Assess & Extract Value
  • Commercialisation of IP with Founders/Inventors/Corporates
  • Entrepreneurship Education, including students, WIL & Youth
  • Transformation Executive Retreats focussed on Entrepreneurship
  • Designed/Tested/Run Accelerator programs in AU and Europe
  • Facilitator for AU National Innovation Program (The ON Program)
  • Designer/Facilitator Innovation Tasters for Researchers (ARC CoEs)

I am an Scientist at heart, occasionally that is useful

  • PhD Atomic & Molecular Physics – Australian National University
  • BSc Hons – Australian National University
  • BSc Physics, Maths, Computer Science, Chemistry – University of QLD

Contact me
Book a time to meet or chat via CALENDLY
If I do not respond to your phone/email messages then try again

Collaborate with me
Check out my TBH Accelerator Opportunity Conversion Program here
TBH Accelerator
Or my Commercialisation of IP work Be Wise with your IP here

Definition of Collaborate, for me it is Co Lab Ratting
So be prepared for Lab Rat experiments on each other & scenerio role play!
Thanks to Rachael Skyring for that definition

Other things I do

  • Speed Mentoring Events, prepare, matchmaking, follow up
    for example Mentor Blaze Mentor Blaze Sunshine Coast
  • Speaking Gigs and Events
    for example MC, Panel Events and Investment Pitch judge
  • Youth Support and Facilitation
    for example founding CEO of NEXTi